Photos-New Embassy Compound Photos-New Embassy Compound NEC Dedication Ceremony Here's a photo of the ceremony when the New Embassy Compound was officially opened. 26635879 Chancery This is the actual "Embassy" where most of the offices are located. 17128415 American Club, Gym & Cafeteria Here you can eat and exercise. Includes an indoor pool, basketball court, locker rooms, food court and the American Club plus the "Commissary" 17128416 Interim Office Building Second of two additional office buildings 17128737 Building One of the buildings on site 17129032 SDAs in a Storm View of the Staff Diplomatic Apartments (SDAs) in a sand storm. 17129109 Embassy Gas Station We pump our own. 17128934 Entry to Apartment This is the "common area" in a typical SDA. 17129048 Kitchen View of the kitchen, which has a full-sized stove, oven, microwave, refriegerator, dishwasher, toaster, coffee maker, etc. 17128414 Hallway. The two doors to the right are the doors into the bedrooms; the door at the end is a storage closet and there is a door to the bathroom (not visible) on the left. 17129127 SDA Kitchen Here's the refrigerator 17128417 SDA Kitchen Dishwasher 17129126 SDA Bedroom This is one style bedroom. Double bed, one desk, a chest of drawers, an armchair, one free-standing closet and a table with the TV 17128736 SDA Bedroom Here you can see the desk, a chest of drawers and the TV (flat screen plasma) with the DVD player. There is also a "boom box." 17129107